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Column Drilling Machines
column drilling hydraulic feed column drilling machine
Column Drilling Machines Column Drilling Machine with Hydraulic feed and Multi Spindle Head
column drilling machine Column Drilling Machine – Model 12-02 : Prewo Column Drilling Machines incorporate special features which are essential for meeting present day production demands. These machines with their massive and rigid construction, ease of operation and control, fulfill a definite need in the field of drilling.They have proved themselves over a number of years in the Indian industry. They are very for drilling work requiring special finish large output and good tool life.

  • Machine tested for accuracy as per Indian Standard IS:2367-1963
  • Optional Feeds – Auto mechanical feed, Electro-Mechanical Clutch, Hydraulic Feed
  • Special dual speed motor
column drilling machine with hydraulic feed Model 12-02 with Hydraulic Feed Unit – Feed control is with hydraulic feed unit with power pack, controls and fittings. The hydraulic feed rack is engaged with pinion and it is actuated by the cylinder rod. It transmits the motion to the pinion shaft and the quill will come down. Stroke control and rapid to feedrate switchover and return is by limit switches.

  • Rapid feed upto a set depth (setting by limit switch) and rapid return to home position after finishing drilling. Hence, cycle time is minimised.
  • Variable feed by regulation of control valve.
  • Depth control can be achieved within ±0.15mm by means of mechanical stopper which will also take care of backlash.

Technical Specification

MODEL 12 – 02 12 – 31 12 – 44
Max. drilling capacity of steel
in dia (mm)
23 40 50
Spindle motor (KW) 1.3 / 1.6 3.2 / 4 3.6 / 4.5
No. of spindle speeds 8 8 8
Spindle speed range (rpm) 90, 180, 250, 355,
500, 710, 1000,2000
56, 112, 160, 224
315, 450, 630, 1250
56, 112, 160, 224
315, 450, 630, 1250
Feed Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic
Feed range (mm/rev) Variable Variable Variable
Taper in spindle MT3 MT4 MT4
Quill traverse (mm) 150

150(240 optional)

150 (240-optional)
Distance between table and
spindle nose
45 – 740 25 – 900 25 – 900
No.of T-slots 3 3 3
Nett weight (kg) 1100 1450 1475
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