Some of our SPM users: Bajaj Auto, Honda Motors, TVS Motor Company, Crompton Greaves, MICO, Hyundai, Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd., Lucas TVS, Autotech Industries, CRP, Hero Honda, Maruthi Suzuki. Our experts answer some frequently asked questions. Contact us if you have any further questions.

Drilling and Tapping are special finishing operations which have their own unique requirements of feeds, speeds, fixturing, coolant, loading and unloading etc. If you are producing more mumber of components per shift, you need a PREWO SPM. Also if you have to drill or tap multiple holes, a multi head can be mounted on an SPM, which cannot be done on a machining center spindle. Our tapping machine with multi spindle head will move forward and reverse by pitch gear mechanism. In the case of CNC machines, the thread pitches will depend on the program.

Prewo tapping machine is very inexpensive when compared to a CNC machine. The cost of Prewo tapping machine will be one fourth of the cost of a CNC machine. Safety device in the machine guarantees against tap breakages. The tapping machine is equipped with over load clutch to avoid tap breakage. Prewo tapping machine have different speed capacities for different materials. The stroke of the tapping machine can be supplied as per customers requirement.

Prewo tapping machine is suitable for both single spindle and multi spindle operation. Prewo tapping machine is available in both vertical and horizontal models. Our SPM reduces cycle time. Multi station operation can be done by using indexing table. [Number of indexing 2, 4, 6 and 8] loading and unloading will be done simultaneously with operation hence it reduces cycle time.

The savings you get from this will get you return of investment very quickly. Further the chances of missing out on operations are nil.

Standard tools are used in our SPM; hence it reduces cost of tools. We will study your requirement and recommend the appropriate tool.

Skilled CNC Operators are not required to operate an SPM, One person is needed to load and unload the component, and switch the machine on and off. Depending on the type of machining conditions, your operator may have to learn to regrind tools.

If all dimensions in your components are with in limits, you can achieve Cpk value. On procurement of our SPM, we will train your operator to grind the tools to the required accuracy. It will help to get QUALITY and QUANTITY with out much effort. HOWEVER achievement of Cpk depends on using the coolant, tooling, fixtures, speeds and feeds recommended by us.

Our SPMs have different speeds and feeds to suit different materials and cutting tools.Several different operations listed below are possible, by using different tools.
drilling reaming spot facing boring
Drilling Reaming Spot Facing Boring
chamfering burnishing honing tapping
Chamfering Burnishing Honing Tapping
You can also do DEEP HOLE DRILLING operations. Our machines have a provision for PECK DRILLING with PLC and HYDRAULIC FEED UNIT and can do maximum of 40 mm drill with out predrill.

Our SPMs are made of standard modules. Depending on the type of component range, the SPM can be used for millions of different components by using our MULTI HEADS along with machine.

We have been in business for 50 years. Of these we have machined components for the automobile industry for 20 years and designed SPM’s for 30 years. Based on this experience we have a very experienced team who know how to deliver their promise.

1. We study your enquiry and drawings. Meetings may be required at this stage.
It is crucial for you to fill in the questionnaire we send you at this stage
Sample components always help, so we request sample components at this stage.
We will also discuss the number of component you want to send to us for trial at this point, especially if you need proving for process repeatability.
We will send you a budgetary quotation

2. If the value is acceptable to you place the order as per our general terms and conditions of sale
3. Once we accept the order, we will process it and inform you when the machine is ready.
4. You will have to send us the required numbers of components for trial along with your inspector.
5. We can inspect the components on our CMM. This is calibrated to ISO 10360 standard.
6. Even though the machine is tried at our works, we can send our tech personnel to commission and prove the machine.

A few things to take note of when you buy a Drilling and/or Tapping SPM: 
1. Component finish should be within limits in the whole batch
2. A lot of presale discussion may be required which we provide free of cost
3. Wherever possible, you should consider the option to remove the component with the fixture from your machining center and load it directly on to our SPM to reduce set up time and cost.

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