Prewo Bench Type Drilling Machines with geared head is streamlined yet extremely robust in construction. Both manual and hydraulic feed are available.

HYDRAULIC FEED UNIT: Feed control is with hydraulic feed unit with power pack, controls and fittings. The hydraulic feed rack is engaged with pinion and it is actuated by the cylinder rod. It transmits the motion to the pinion shaft and the quill will come down. Stroke control and rapid to feedrate switch over and return is by limit switches. Rapid feed upto a set depth (setting by limit switch) and rapid return to home position after finishing drilling. Hence, cycle time is minimised.

  • Fine depth adjustment by adjusting the knurled knob with fine adjustment stud.
  • Variable feed by regulation of control valve.
  • Depth control can be achieved within ±0.15mm by means of mechanical stopper which will also take care of backlash.
  • Provision of dwell for spot facing and smooth finishing.
  • Counterweight arrangement not required for multi spindle heads.
  • Peck feed drilling with the help of PLC system for deep hole drilling.

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